Blue Lake Aikido



The owners of Blue Lake Aikido are the husband and wife team of Mark and Jen Dulyanai. Tired of city life, the Dulyanais moved, with the full blessings and support of the Aikido Center commnunity, to the South Shore from Sacramento to open their own dojo (school, literally "place of the way").

Mark Dulyanai Convinced that he would not have to do knuckle push-ups to be good at it, Mark Dulyanai started Aikido under Sensei Ace Atkinson at UC Riverside in 1989. Finding out that Aikido was even more complicated and sophisticated than he thought, Mark has continued to train because he has never found satisfaction in his technical ability. He emphasizes connection (musubi) and sincerity (makoto) when teaching and training.

Jen Dulyanai was a full-time instructor at the Aikido Center for over three years. Jen apprenticed under Senseis Matt and Theresa Fluty, owners of the Aikido Center (Sacramento) and recently received her Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt). As an apprentice, Jen created the Pre-Juniors program for children ages 4 to 7. As well as teaching, she has continued to study aikido, healing, and meditation. Jen believes that "Aikido is for people seeking joy, community, and personal transformation."